Sunday, April 21, 2013

1 year in the making

I know I know......4 months later and I'm finally back to blogging.  It's a lot more work than it appears!  Or maybe it's just my slow internet.  Anyhow, it makes updating the blog a bit more tedious than I prefer.
So, for the update since Christmas:
1) Luke has finished his second to last semester with all A's.  I'm so proud of him for working so hard.  He managed to get an A in Physics!  His toughest class!  We celebrated by going out to eat at the hospital.  Ha.  It sounds lame but we actually love the food there, maybe a little too much.
2) I am almost done with work for the summer!  I've already decided how I want to spend my last summer here in Idaho.  It includes, but not limited to: Yoga, reading all the books I haven't had time for, getting back my piano skills, camping, floating the river, and best of all dun dun dun........DANCING AGAIN!!!  Yes, you heard right.  My little sis Christie is directing the same dance company I directed and has asked I be one of her choreographers.  So I am officially in charge of auditions as well as choreographing a number.  Ooooh yeah!  There's just one problem, it's been a year since I last danced full out so yeah...we'll see how that goes.  Ha.
3) My dear dear husband and I have reached one year of our wedded life together.  We celebrated by going to San Diego, CA.  A MUCH needed vacation for the both of us.  We stayed in Escondido with his aunt and uncle in their beautiful home at the top of a hill/mountain.  Some of the things we did include swimming of course (it was a little cold for me so my swimming was dipping my feet in the water lol), shopping and eating at the Sugar Shack Cafe in Huntington, attending the gorgeous San Diego LDS Temple, watching movies, walks on the beach, sleeping in (very important), getting Balboa Bars on Balboa Island, and going to Seaworld (love!).  We've decided Hawaii is our next destination, but until then, enjoy the view from our camera lens :)

 Huntington Beach

 Met up with some old friends!

 The view from where we stayed.

 Solana Beach - Easter Sunday

 Seaworld - so incredible! I want to work here so I can swim with dolphins in the sun all day.

 The seals were hilarious! One of my favorites.

 Not exactly one of my favorites, but still pretty cool.

 We touched sting rays!

 We decided to make a pit stop in Alaska and visit the Beluga Whales, no big deal.


One year down and eternity to come!


Tricia said...

what a great time. you both look beautiful, happy, and full of good mischief.

Kaydee and Emma said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!! looks so pretty there!
Love you both.