Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recent happenings

I am back in Idaho now and into my second week of school...blah.  BUT, it's my LAST second week of school EVER!!!  Oooooh yeah!!!!  Now those are words that I like to hear.  
So technically to graduate in December, I really only needed to take 3 classes and do my internship this semester.....I was going to just take it easy and be the laziest student I could possibly be.  I'm being completely serious.  The thought of being purely LAZY sounds de-lovely to me (just heard Stacie use this word on "What Not To Wear").  But alas, anyone who knows me knows that thought won't last long.....
I am taking 4 classes (one of which is math....enough said), doing my internship (I am a teacher at a preschool - best job ever!), vice president for the Child and Family Advocacy Society, and on the dance company.  Ahh the dance company....love it!  I couldn't bear the thought of not dancing my last semester.  Right now I am doing Russian, African, Clogging, Irish, Classical Indian, Chinese, and Hip-Hop.  Absolutely canNOT wait for the shows!!! One of my friends is coming all the way up from Utah - seven months prego - to choreograph the hip-hop number!  It is going to be GREAT! :)
Well that's my life right now.  I love being here in the Fall and am SO excited for all the fun things to do here this time of year.  Straw mazes, haunted houses, farmers' markets, the list goes on and on.
Until next time!


dlpower said...

Miss the burg. Miss you. I think I need to come visit you before you leave. End. Of. Story.

Kylee Egbert said...

Let me know when your shows are k and graduation dates too!

the craig i know said...

robyn!! how did i not know about this blog? love it. i added it to mine haha. i miss rexburg in the fall. that was my favorite time of year there. after the summer and before the snow. all the haunted houses. dang i'm jealous! hope alls well!