Friday, September 2, 2011

North, West, East, South - who knows?!

It doesn't matter because I have probably been there recently.  This one's for you Laura.  That's right, I am posting about my trip throughout the Northwest.  Three posts in one week.  BOOM ROASTED!!  Haha had to throw that in there :)
Okay so here goes.  It all started when I was a college student at BYU-I and became roommates with the coolest, smelliest, funniest, prettiest girl ever.  Her name is Lindsay - Lindsay Helm now.  Well throughout the semesters we continued to room together and became great pals.  So much so, that she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her fanciful wedding to a boy named Travis.  
Lindsay and I had another friend, Mallory.  Mallory is a bundle of laughs and who better to take a road trip up to Washington with?  So we met up in Utah and started on our journey to the far away land of Emmett, ID to stay the night with some more wonderful friends, the Warrens.  From there we proceeded onto Tri-Cities, WA.  On a road trip, however, it is necessary to make stops along the way when you see cool things . . . . .

Gotta loooove honey

Obvi we would get a picture at the state border

See?  A bundle of laughs

Who puts a state sign on a bridge??  That just puts a damper on anyone wanting to take pics...a.k.a Mal and I

Well, our road trip continued and we eventually made it to the land of the three cities.  We surprised our good friend Miranda and Mallory found her future home.  Miranda's house.  After touring Mallory's future home, we rode Oakie, Miranda's horse!  Anyone who knows me knows that horses are my weakness.  Then met up with my old FHE brother Jared who gave us the grand tour of the Tri-Cities.
The next morning we headed out to make our way to the shining city of Seattle.  We had just crossed the "floating" bridge when the stereo went out.  Then the air conditioning...the lights...and finally all power!  We were able to make it off the next exit and literally were pulling into a gas station when the car stopped dead in the middle of two lanes!!  Mallory and some help pushed it the last few feet while I steered and two hours later, we were able to get it jump started and go half a block to an auto repair shop (yes, it was half a block away the entire time).  We are literally pulling into this place and it dies again.  Step one was repeated.
A couple hours after waiting there, we found out that Mallory would need an entirely new alternator!  And couldn't pick it up until the next day!  So our other good friend Bryce (we are kind of popular all over the country....jk :)) came to our rescue.
By this time we are of course starving.  So we went to Pikes Place Market, a must see if you go to Seattle, and had a plethura of adventures. . . . . . .

Went to the famous gum wall of course

Got Italian gelato.....hmmm!

The Space Needle....a given must see

The troll under the bridge

After our visit to the troll, we went to a laid-back little place called Beth's Cafe.  The most "chill" place to eat in town I guess.  It was pretty cool.
We stayed the night at our friend Shelby's and the next day went to the Seattle Art Museum (the SAM).  I found a picture of Martha Graham in the artist section!  Then got chocolate from Oprah's favorite chocolate shop (I forget what it's called), and picked up Mal's car.  Tried to find a mall to get some not-needed shopping done, got lost, found a delicious Mexican restaurant instead.  Some chalupas and fried ice cream later, we finally found the mall.
Later while traveling back to the apt, we got lost again.  Good thing we had trusty Carmin the Garmin with us or we might still be roaming the streets of downtown Seattle!  We are almost back and we see a Goodwill.  Stopped to shop some more, they were closed, we left, got lost again, end up on an alley road, find some sweet free stuff on the side of the road, eventually make our way back home.
Next day:  Go back to Tri-Cities, go to the wedding rehearsal and dinner

stay the night at Lindsay's, get up at 4:45 to go get ready, go to the temple, take lots more pictures.
Okay.  I will take a break from this novel here and pick up on Lindsay's wedding.


Juli said...

how fun!!! you look positively beautiful!

dlpower said...

YEAH! I was roasted. I am impressed. I am loving all your blogging. You are kicking my trash!