Thursday, June 17, 2010


Memorial weekend I decided on a whim to go meet my family in Colorado. My family was there from Wisconsin to see all my extended family. My sister Juli and her husband and two kids came up from Texas and my sister from Park City also went. So I hopped a ride from my aunt who was driving there from Washington and after a good 13 hour day of driving, I arrived in Colorado. From there I had a series of adventures in my good ole home state. Dirt biking of course was on the agenda, as well as camping up in the BEEAUUTIFUL mountains surrounding Canon City, taking the Royal Gorge Train, relaxing picnics in the park, and playing basketball with all the family where I then beat my uncle Philip and brother-in-law Kelly (both of whom are 6' 5" and taller mind you) in a round of Lightning. The weather was in the eighties with clear sunny skies the whole time (which made it pretty hard to come back to Rexburg where right now it is currently in the fifties...don't ask me why I attend school here, ha).
It was sooo good to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, some of whom I haven't seen in a few years. My mom had 10 of her 12 kids around (Vance and Christie couldn't make it) which she LOVED and I'm sure soaked up.
I was born in a tiny town in Colorado that has just recently been put on the map. We moved to Wisconsin because of a job opportunity my dad got and that is where I grew up. However, most summers we somehow made our way back to Colorado for vacations and my parents want to move back as soon as they can. They are both from there and most of my dad's side live there...all on the same block. If any of you have ever read The Work and the Glory, you'll know what "Smith Row" means :) It was pretty funny going to church and having your uncle as the bishop, another uncle the 1st counselor, and then various other callings people held with the name ending in Smith. It was really neat. I also had the opportunity to meet the man who married my parents 29 years ago. It was a special day for my parents to introduce all of us kids to him.

Practicing had been awhile...

Colorful Colorado

My brothers Aaron and Gregg and cousin Derek at the top.

My family camped a few nights we were there...they found a pretty scenic spot too :) Uncle Stephen Aubryn
Gone fishin...
Beckham Uncle Philip On the Royal Gorge Train Dad getting the bikes ready. It's a tradition to go dirt biking each time we go to fun! Yep thats my dad :) He and my mom pretty much grew up on dirt bikes so he's basically a pro...this is harder than it looks.
I finally had the guts to learn how to drive one on my own, I was pretty was Gregg for teaching me.
It's all in the family.


mommyx12 said...

Robyn you are too cute. I love your blog.

Emma & Kaydee said...

We had sooooooo much fun with you in Colorado!! We are so glad you got to come! We love you!