Friday, August 12, 2016

Celebrations are in order

The last few days have been pretty great.  On August 5th Luke completed his 1st year of Physical Therapy school.  We went to Krispy Kreme for donuts cause every time we drive by Lottie asks, "Donuts?"  She picked out a pink one.  Speaking of pink, she officially knows all the colors and can count to 10!  I love hearing her sweet baby voice trying so hard to clearly pronounce all the numbers.

August 5th also brought the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  Our days have been spent sleeping in, watching the olympics (Lottie now knows how to chant, "USA, USA, USA!!!"), and being productively lazy (Luke has a 3 week break).  Tuesday night Luke and I brought our mattress out into the living room and stayed up until midnight watching Michael Phelps dominate the pool.  Lottie woke us up early the next morning.  My 27 year old body doesn't know how to cope with that kind of lifestyle anymore.... How did Luke and I ever survive college and dating??  All we wanted to do was be together so that meant staying up till curfew (midnight), with 7:45am class the next morning.  I never had a problem with that then!  #aging.

It's alright though, it was Luke's birthday and I had BIG plans that I couldn't wait to get started.  First off, it was very important to Luke to get a free Grand Slam from Denny's so that's where we headed first. He opened his gifts there which included tickets to Knotts Berry Farm's Soak City!  I already had a babysitter lined up so that was the next part of the day.  

It was amazing and weird all at the same time having a few hours without a toddler to just focus on each other and have fun!  You guys, we could go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted!  The last thing we did at the water park was the lazy river.  I fell asleep!  I was so amazingly relaxed just floating on my inner tube soaking in some vitamin D......agh....I want to go back just thinking about it!

We explored around for a little while afterwards including checking out a historical monument housing a replica of the Liberty Bell.

Later that evening we had a few friends over for some cake and ice cream.  Luke spotted a chocolate cake at Costco a few weeks prior and specifically asked for that for his birthday.  A Costco cake.  Oy. Theres still a ton left in the fridge.  I might make him pull a Brucie from Matilda here soon.... ;)

{29 candles}

Happy birthday/completing your 1st year of PT school Luke Kasse Phillips!!!!


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