Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Charlotte camping

Luke and I love the outdoors and we really want to instill that in our children.  However, taking a toddler camping didn't sound the most appealing to me.  So I kept putting it off using the excuse it would be too hard.

Memorial weekend I decided it was time for Charlotte to have her first experience camping.  We drove an hour up to Chrystal Lake.  The scenery was breathtaking!  When we arrived I tried helping Luke set up camp, but I was way more occupied with trying to keep Charlotte from rolling around in old charcoals left in the fire ring.

Once Luke got the fire going we all sat in our camp chairs (Charlotte had her very own little pink chair), and roasted some mallows :)

Basically it was a great first family camping trip and you want to know what my very favorite parts were?  They were watching Lottie's face light up as she saw and explored and experienced new things, cuddling up as a family on our air mattress in the tent (I will never go camping without an air mattress again), and then exploring the beautiful outdoors together.  

Can't wait for the many more adventures to come!

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