Saturday, February 15, 2014

The day after valentines

Today is just one of those days where I feel....blah.  It's cloudy and raining and I have been in sweats and Luke's shirt all day (Then again, when am I not?)  It's probably from partying so hard yesterday that I wore myself out.  I had no energy to workout today so I played Just Dance 2 by myself, but that got boring after awhile since I have the high score on everything (I'm pretty much the only one that plays).  So........I thought I would write about our adventures yesterday.

As hopefully all of you know, yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Luke and I had a great and LONG day.  I had two doctor appointments - OB-GYN and PT.  Everything is looking good with our baby girl.  She was moving around so much the doctor could hardly get her heartbeat for more than a few seconds!  But we got it and it was a good strong 142 bpm.  She is no longer measuring big - I've actually lost weight surprisingly! She is now right on track in her growth.  Which, I must admit I am slightly relieved.  I am worried about delivering a big baby!

My visit with the PT was good as well - the massage part at least.  I don't like doing the exercises.  But they seem to be helping!  I don't think I've explained what's been going on with my back lately.  Well.  Let me tell you.  The first time I went the PT evaluated me from head to toe, performing little tests and what not.  The diagnosis:  My hips are displaced, and I have one leg shorter than the other - which explains why I am only having sharp pain on one half of my back.  Oh, and one of my trapesias (sp. ?) muscles is inflamed, and I have a tumor underneath my shoulder blade.  A "fatty" tumor.  That raised my self-esteem real high let me tell you.  They don't think it's anything to worry about since they are pretty common on a lot of people, but since mine is causing me pain, I have to get it checked out at my next doctor appointment.  I asked if the reason my hips are out of alignment and my leg shorter than the other is a genetic thing.  Nope, just another awesome symptom of pregnancy.  You see when you're pregnant you release a hormone that loosens all of your joints and ligaments to support the growing uterus.  Well mine were already so loose from dancing and then being pregnant on top of that, that I just kind of became loosey goosey in all the wrong places - a.k.a. my feet and ankles.  So everyday I have to do special exercises to realign my hips, which in turn helps even out my legs.  It's working.

Phew, I bet that all that was just so interesting to read.

On to the rest of the day.

Shopping, eating lunch at the Italian Kitchen, and Luke's surprise - a romantic walk through Riverside Park followed with a game of miniature golf!  He kicked my butt, as usual.  But I don't care, I just really like going on dates with him.

{This place was so good}

{I've avoided looking in mirrors the last few weeks that when I actually do see myself, I am shocked by how huge I've become.  Note that I can't zip my coat.}

{He still loves me though}

{There are no words}

{He likes to really analyze every move he makes, which is probably why he is so good at everything}

After all that, we grabbed some Wendy's frosties for dessert, then hit the local grocery store to top everything off.  It was a great day.  I love Luke so much and love how he tries to make everything special.  As part of my valentine's gift, Luke gave me a pair of newborn ballerina slippers.  I died when I saw them.  It's always so special to me when he gets things for our little girl.  How could I not be in love with him?

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