Friday, February 14, 2014

I heart us

I love Valentines Day, or Lover's Holiday.  I'm so glad a day has been set aside to celebrate love.  And I'm not just talking between significant others, but between everyone.  A mother for her children, sibling for sibling, grandparents for grandchildren, etc.  You get my point.  And the colors red and pink?!  LOVE.

{I am in love with this free printable from 
Powerful Creations}

Over Christmas vacay in Glenwood Springs, CO we had these pics taken of us.  

{I heart this guy}

 {Me and my baby}

My hot date today includes:
Visit with the OB-GYN
Visit with the PT
Running errands
And a surprise from my love.

Happy day of love!  Xoxoxoxo

{Photos courtesy of Jeff Chandler}

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Tricia said...

Great pics and memories.