Saturday, March 1, 2014


Thank goodness it's March!  If all goes as it should, I will get to meet my baby next month!  I'm unbelievably excited for that.

Lately I have really, really been needing spring/summer to be here.  I want to feel the hot sun on me, I want to go swimming, I want to get a new swimming suit, I want to take my baby on warm summer evening walks with my honeydew.  Why does it seem to have to take it's sweet time in getting here??

Monday we start birthing class.  I am nervous and excited all at the same time.  My friend down the road just had her little baby girl.  Every time I go visit, and hold her sweet baby, I become all the more anxious to have my own in my arms.  It's only a few short weeks away, but it may as well be eternity right?!  So close, yet so far away.  I become so frustrated at people when they ask me when I'm due and then, with a sorry look on their face say, "Oh, you still have a ways to go."  Grrr!  I am already to the point where if I don't have this baby soon I am going to go crazy.  So don't tell me I "still have a ways to go."  It will not be appreciated and I probably won't talk to you anymore.

At the doc's yesterday I got to hear my precious baby's heartbeat (my favorite part of every appointment).  It was beating strong at 148 bpm.  I am measuring right on track.  As the doctor had the doppler on my belly, this little girl did one strong kick that impressed her.  That's my little girl.

Speaking of other people seeing her movements.  I asked Luke if he thought it was as obvious to other people as it is to me when my belly looks bulgy (for lack of a better word).  He said no.  Well this little babe proved him wrong the other day.  I was visiting teaching and the sister we were visiting, out of the blue said, "Whoa, your belly!"  That took me off guard, because of course I could feel her strong movements, but I didn't think anyone else would notice.  Nope.  It was the most obvious thing in the room from then on.  It was all anyone could look at!  But for reals, this baby is strong.  Like, it weirds even me out sometimes!  But that's okay.  Even though it hurts sometimes, it reassures me that she is doing well and growing bigger and stronger everyday.

I love her and her strong kicks.

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Shea and Kay-Marie said...

I think we're having identical pregnancies. With the strong kicks and bulging belly. I get asked the same thing and when I say May they are like "Wow I thought you were due any day..." yep I love hearing that! We will get through Robyn, can't wait to see pictures of your new baby girl and can't wait to see mine too! I am trying to keep busy, it helps I think :)