Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Manly man and highly emotionally-charged pregnant woman

I'm a basket case.  I will freely admit it.  The hormones of pregnancy have sent me on a roller coaster time and time again.  All I can say is - poor Luke.  Ha.  But really, it's ridiculous.

With my impending delivery coming up, I am finally coming to a realization of how scared I really am.  I blame it on the live child birth videos we've been watching in our birthing class.  And from horror stories I've heard from friends.  So, as a result, one moment I am freaking out, and the next, I think I'm superwoman and nothing can effect me.  Haha.  I crack myself up sometimes.  Lucky for me I have had one constant and stable support throughout all of it.  Luke.

We went on a walk yesterday (love that it is starting to be nice so we can do that more), and came across a boys' high school soccer game.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I haven't seen Luke that excited since the second Hobbit came out.  He was in heaven.  I just sat back and enjoyed watching him enjoy the game.  He probably gets a little overwhelmed at times dealing with my pregnancy hormones, so it was good for him to be surrounded by that sea of testosterone and man stuff.  It's all he talked about on the way home.  What a cutie.  I can just see now our future filled with going to our kid's sporting events and Luke being right in the middle of it all.  He wants to coach eventually.  To be honest, I'm pretty excited by that prospect.

We've recently been called to be den leaders in the Cub Scout program so that will be good for him too.  The first week they all played kick ball.  There was no way at almost nine months preggo I was going to attempt that.  So I just sat on the sidelines with the moms.  May as well get used to it right?

The other day we experimented with making pizza calzones.  They were a success.  Side note.  Are Luke's eyes not the most beautiful blue eyes in the world?  I had a dream the other night where I was holding our baby girl and as I was looking at her I thought, she looks exactly like Luke.  Blue eyes and all.  She even had one eye a slightly lighter blue than the other.  Just like Luke.  I am ready to meet her.

On another side note.  I am SO excited for the General Women's Meeting coming up on March 29th.  I am just ecstatic that it will be held semi-annually now.  Best.  News.  Ever.  Just as Luke needs his guy time, women need girl time, and this meeting will be a wonderful opportunity for that.

Much love.

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