Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July 2014

4 days later and here is our Independence Day update.

 As stated in my previous post, we were originally going to go to Colorado for the fourth.  However, our plans changed unexpectedly.  We instead met up with my sister Christie and her husband and went to the Provo parade - which my little missionary brother happened to be in!

 {Charlotte loved the parade!}                         {His first time meeting Lotte}                         {Expecting aunt Christie}

I loved watching the fireworks with this guy.  Every fourth I make sure to kiss him good and hard.  Cause you know, explosions are happening around us ;)

We watched the fireworks right below the Provo temple.  Something about that made me feel extra grateful and patriotic.

                                  {Us}                                                                             {What I would look like without a nose} 

I never would have thought that we would be celebrating our freedom this year with a baby.  I love this little girl to pieces and absolutely LOVED watching her watch the fireworks.  Oh boy was she tired though!  I tried and tried so hard to keep her awake for them, but during the finale she just zonked right out.  She slept pretty good that night.

                                                                                {She has my heart}


Li-Sha said...

I love Provo on the 4th! So many memories! I'm so glad that your brother didn't have to wait until the end of his mission to meet Charlotte! She is adorable! I keep looking at her picture and can't decide if she looks more like you or more like Luke.

Janai Smith said...

Thats so fun! Can't wait to meet Charlotte! I'm so glad Aaron got to!! Happy fourth!